5 Steps For When You Feel Like You Are Moving Backwards In One Area Of Your Life (video)

Sep 11, 2018

Hey Beautiful!

Today I am sharing something amazing with you.... Yay!

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine, and she shared with me how she felt like she was moving backwards in her life compared to her friends who were working for different companies unlike her, who has chosen a different path.

We sometimes feel like we are not advancing but staying behind in one or several areas in our life. I believe.... that it is that exact feeling that keeps us stuck. 


In today's video I share with you how to shift thigs and regain your power:

1. Honor where you are at

There is no other place where you should be in your life. And happiness lives in the present moment. Comparing yourself with others will always bring frustration because you were never meant to be like anyone else. In your uniqueness lays your power and your success. So celebrate all the amazing things that have come to you up to now because of choosing what you have chosen, as well as the person that you have become in the process.


2. What messages are you telling to yourself about where you are at?

The only reason my friend was feeling bad about herself is because of the messages she was telling herself... not because of where her friends are at compared to her.

What thoughts can you choose that empower you? Tackle each of the negative thoughts you are having. Write them down in your journal and one by one, describe why they are lies you are telling yourself. Then, substitute each of them for an empowering thought that will support you. 



3. Decide that it can be easy

As I listened to my friend, all I could hear was her saying that the path that she has chosen is so difficult. The Universe is listening and whatever you declare, it will show you proof that you are right. I believe we are co-creating our reality wether we know it or not through the way we feel, which translate into our vibration, which acts as a magnet for what shows up in our reality. Whe we change our thoughts for others that make us feel better, we then call in a better reality. I know.... magic ✨


4. Go within

The answers are never outside of us and never ever come from comparing ourselves with anyone else. In fact, that is the most effective way to feel terrible and insecure. Go within, meditate, spend time in nature, journal.... Be still, beautiful.


5. Ask the Universe for help

The Universe is eager to help us allways and in all ways.... but we need to ask for it for it to be able to deliver it.  And once you ask, it is a Universal Law that you will receive it. You could say 'Dear Universe, please lead me to the next step I need to take towards feeling successful in my career'. Then, listen and stay open to receiving the answer that will come to you through a whisper during meditation, through a random conversation with someone you just met, or simply thriugh a deep knowing or realization. Then, take action over whatever message you receive. This is called taking inspired action, and it will help you make quantum leaps in that area in your life. And it will propell all other areas of your life too.... so powerful.


That is it, beautiful!

I hope you liked these 5 Steps for when you feel like you are moving backwards in one area of your life and I can't wait to read your comments underneath! Let me know how you plan to apply them.... I'd LOVE to know!

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