The 3 secrets I learned about pain while doing White Tantric Yoga in Yogi Bhajan's ranch (video)

Jul 20, 2018

Hey Beautiful!

A few weeks ago I had one of the hardest and most incredible experiences of my life.... with pain!

If you are like me, I can imagine you try to avoid pain as much as you can. In my case, my threshold of pain is very high and it is hard for me to feel it. This may be a 'quality' I developed as a defense mechanism before painful situations during my childhood. But that is a topic for another whole post! This time, though, I felt it full on and during this experience, 3 secrets were revealed to me that today I want to share with you:




When I arrived to Yogi Bhajan's ranch in Española, Nuevo Mexico, after a 6 hour long road trip on my own, chanting mantras to the top of my lungs, as I was driving through the mountains in Colorado first and then through the dessert of New Mexico.... no trace of civilization for hours at a time, I had no clue I was on my way to face my very first real experience with pain.

The purpose of this trip was to do White Tantric Yoga as part of my Kundalini teacher training.

In White Tantric Yoga the energy moves in diagonal following a Z shape that allows you to transcend the subconscious blocks that are driving your life, as well as to elevate your awareness and make quantum leaps in every area of your life.

It is such a powerful practice that doing it for one day is the equivalent to 20 years of kundalini daily practice!

Each day of white tantric yoga consists in doing a Marathon of meditations that last either 31 or 62 minutes in which, with another 2,000 people that have come from all over the world, you are holding your arms in the air in a certain angle and position, as you chant a mantra, with your fingers in a certain position, using your breath and looking into your partner's eyes.

For 62 and 31 minutes.... 2,000 people.... Electrifying! ✨

A twenty minute break, and the next meditation begins. And on and on for 10 hours. As I said.... a meditation marathon!

Had you asked me before I went, I would have laughed and said there was no way I was going to be able to hold my arms in each and every one of the meditations.

But to my surprise, once I was there and held by the magic of the moment, I made the decision to do it and to not let anything get in the way.... beginning with my own mind.

To my surprise, I did it.... even though at times it felt like my arms were going to fall off my body!

As you've heard from me before, no challenge is in vain. And what came through me because of this experience was worth all the pain. You see.... during the meditations 3 secrets were revealed to me that I now want to share with you:




The first secret that was revealed to me is that pain comes like a wave that always always goes away.

At first, holding my arms in the  angle and position during the meditation wasn't too hard.... but as 11, 21, 31, and up to 62 minutes went by, I felt a wave of pain overtaking my whole body and continue to grow to the point where it felt unbearable.

Then, I began to notice a pattern in which after a certain point, that wave of pain would begin to decrease until it would disappear completely and was substituted by a blissful sense of peace that would fill my whole being.

I then decided to focus my attention in that piece, in stead of focusing on the fear to the pain that was coming my way. In stead of wanting to avoid or get rid of it, I decided the pain was part of the process.

I realized that the most painful part of pain is our fear to experience it! And once I changed where I placed my focus, I allowed, not only the experience in itself to be less painful, but once the wave of pain was gone, to be flooded by an unlimited sense of bliss and peace.

If you are going through something painful in your life, wether it is something physical, a relationship, a loss, a change.... remember beautiful, that focusing your attention on the fear of experiencing pain will only bring more of it and also block your path to transcend that situation.

Remember that pain is nothing more than a sensation and that, as uncomfortable as it may be, after a certain amount of time it can only decrease and disappear.





The second secret I discovered regarding pain was the absolute confirmation in each cell in my body of something that Yogi Bhajan said: 'Keep up, and you will be kept up'.


In those moments of excruciating pain, it was my determination to keep going that invited an invisible force that held my arms and posture for me.

In that painful situation you are going through in your life, know and trust there is something greater than you that is helping and supporting you. That your part is to not drop the ball, and to keep up. And when you do, you are inviting the whole Universe to keep it up for you.... Magic! ✨





The third secret I had access to through my experience doing white tantric yoga is that we are stronger than we believe.

We put too much attention in trying to avoid pain.... We imagine all the terrible scenarios that could happen.... When in reality, we have a super human strength we can access in difficult moments.

In that painful situation you are going through in your life, don´t let that little nasty voice inside your mind tell you you are not strong enough, or lack the resources to overcome that situation. Remember all the situations you've gone through in which you used a kind of strength you didn't know you had! Write down a list and marvel yourself in how strong you really are.

In the same way, if you have a dream, but your fear of not being capable of turning that dream into reality is stoping you from even trying, remember that you only have to take the first step, and then the next and again and again, and that you will be provided with the strength you need. Because by taking those steps, you are informing the Universe of where you want to go, and nothing is too big for her.

That it is not the finish line but the path what makes you who you are and where happiness truly lives. And it would be a loss for you and for the world if you didn't pursue your dream!


Yes, beautiful.... I am here to remind you that

you are stronger than you think!


That is all for today! I hope my experience with pain and these 3 revelations I had regarding pain serve you!

Please let me know what came through for you while reading this, how you think you can apply them in your own life, and share with me your own tips on how to overcome painful situations!

As always, I LOVE to learn for you, beautiful!

If you know someone who would benefit from reading this, send it to them right away! Help me help, inspire and empower as many as we can!

Lets spread the magic together!


LOVE 💜 Ines








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